Lexus crasht auf US Car Treffen in Pontiac LeMans

How To Ruin A SoCal Car Show... Crash worthiness in old cars For Me the big issue here is even more than the tragic loss of a beautiful classic car, but how poorly that car performed in the crash. The complete failure of the door latch on the Le Mans has given the Lexus an almost uninterrupted path into the cabin. The Le Mans is totally destroyed, had there been any occupants they would have been killed or severely injured, and bloody Lexus’s airbags have not even been deployed. The cardinal point here is the failure of the door latch. I wonder what that would have looked like if the Le Mans had been retrofitted with modern burstproof door locks. We all like to think of 60’s American cars as being solid, but the lack of crashworthiness in aside impact of the Le Mans is nothing short of appalling! We like to think we are careful when driving our classic or Rod, but there are plenty of morons like this silly bitch out there. Is wrecking not one but two classics with a jappa a capital crime? It bloody well should be! Paramedics tend to look at things from these angles. On the plus side, all the energy that was absorbed by the failure of said door latch meant that the bulk of the energy was absorbed there, so less was transmitted to that gorgeous ’40 convert. What was this asian women doing there in that car in the first place??? Can't believe the driver lived through this, for several reasons!
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Erstellt am 7. Juli 2011

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  • ARON


    Wohl Gas mit Bremse verwechselt... Oh Mann...

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