The Flatlands Motorama

06.04. bis 07.04.2019

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Graafsebaan 133

5241 Rosmalen (NL)

Erstellt am 3. August 2018

Rosmalen (NL)

The Flatlands Motorama // 06.04. bis 07.04.2019

probably the biggest indoor traditional Hot Rod and Kustom car show in Europe next year. Final site visit booked and then you will all be bombarded with information on venue, accommodation, travel, etc. Also we will be introducing our sponsors, some if the fantastic cars attending, the artists who will be flinging paint all weekend and loads more. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all updates. See you there!!! @jackhammerspeedshop @theleadroom @henrychristavan @air_lift_performance @dickieslifeofficial @moonequipped #kustomkulture #kustom #hotrod
traditional indoor invitational Hot Rod & Kustom car show. Artists, vendors and Rock & Roll

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