ABGESAGT Power Big Meet

02.07. bis 04.07.2020

Homepage: bigmeet.com

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Lidköping-Hovby flygplats

Hovby Flygplats 1

53192 Lidköping

Erstellt am 16. Oktober 2016


ABGESAGT Power Big Meet // 02.07. bis 04.07.2020

As almost every event this summer is cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemi the same decision has been made for the 2020 43d annual Power Big Meet.
This hugh event had every camping site and hotell room within 30 miles of Lidköping fully booked!
We have not made any vanity Big Meet license plates for 2020. Sorry! So hopefully the 43d Power Big Meet will take place early July 2021!

It will be a very different season for us car enthusiasts – to say the least!
We are hoping that our last car show of the year – the 35 annual Power End Of Summer Meet with some 4000 cars attending end of August will happen.
Take care and be safe/Kjelle Power and crew!




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