25th Anniversary Celebration National Corvet...

28.08. bis 31.08.2019

Informationen zum Ort

National Corvette Museum

350 Corvette Drive

42101 Bowling Green, KY

Erstellt am 13. März 2019

Bowling Green, KY

25th Anniversary Celebration National Corvette Museum // 28.08. bis 31.08.2019

In the 25 years since the Museum opened the scope of the vision has blossomed to include changes such as the dedicated special exhibit hall, PDI delivery area, maintenance and preservation area, full service store, interactive exhibits and a world-class Motorsports park. Every year leading into Labor Day weekend we celebrate the Grand Opening of the Museum, which was in 1994, by hosting a participant focused event. For 2019, we mark the 25th Anniversary milestone and focus on the diversity of the people that Corvette has brought together with a look back on the Museum’s history while looking forward to the future! Registered participants can enjoy three days of activities in and around the Museum. https://www.corvettemuseum.org/event/anniversary-celebration/

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